General Sound Reel


Sound Design Before / After

"The Lost Within" directed by Steve Gibson / Fist In Post Films. - When John gets a lead on a subject for his new book he must venture into unfamiliar grounds. This is an example of how basic sound design techniques like the use of convolution reverbs can create a diegetic reality to help us understand what a character is going through. For this scene, the director's request was to "make the apartment complex sound like a run down, loud, and chaotic place to live". 


ADR/Foley Before / After Reel

"Phaesporia" directed by Carman Spoto / Swine Films - Artemis comforts Kali after an attack in the woods. A generator too close to set combined with early morning birds made for unusable production sound. Director's request - "keep it intimate but blend the diegetic atmosphere with the composer's score".

A growing playlist of film score excerpts.  All pieces, diegetic and non-diegetic written / arranged / performed by Eric Carbonara.         

Check out a playlist of some TV shows, commercials, and various odds & ends that I've been a part of. All clips are from shoots I've worked on. 

Multi-track recording for concert footage. 

Check out a playlist of some multi-track recording I've done for live concert video. Camera, editing, and mixing work done by Christopher Andrew Studios

Working abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. photo by Meg Lamon

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Trying not to get kicked in the face while 200ft up on the set of Lighthouse Unmanned.