Location Sound Mixing

Over 10 years of experience remotely recording sound for picture. Sound Mixing requires an incredibly nuanced and detail obsessed ear to get it right the first time.Reality, documentary, commerical, narrative shorts & features...each have different technical needs and stylistic approaches. Having an experienced sound person on set alleviates anxiety and pressure so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Dialog Editing & Mixing

The critical yet invisible craft that will make or break your film. This is where your production sound is mixed into a seamless soundtrack regardless of shot angle. Clicks, pops, bumps, and other unwanted noise is removed from your dialog and levels are adjusted to meet broadcast and theatrical standards.

Sound Design

Sound Design is a very broad category that encompasses everything from choosing sound effect cues for a play to designing atmospheric textures that serve as subcontext for your story. Whether it's building realistic environmental beds to blend with diegetic production sound, non-diegetic passages to aide in transition, or entire soundscapes from scratch, I am skilled at delivering nuanced, unique, and engaging sound design while keeping your story and vision first.


Foley is an artform often misunderstood. It is more than just the act of live recording diegetic sounds that weren't recorded during principal photography of a film. From footsteps to clothing noise, a squeaky door to a punch in the face, well done Foley requires a special set of skills that will provide realism and a more immersive cinematic experience. I record Foley in an isolated and acoustically treated space, which allows sounds to be manipulated and blended more easily into the diegetic realm of your picture. It's a combination of starting with the right physical material, choosing appropriate convolution reverbs, and knowing "when to say when".

Scoring & Music Supervision

I regularly work with a diverse array of arrangers, instrumentalists, and vocalists that assist in delivering powerful and unique music supporting the emotional framework of your picture. Nada Sound Studio offers clients a "one-stop-shop" approach where your score can be composed, arranged, performed, recorded & mixed by the same inividual and/or creative team. This not only keeps costs down but also ensures quality control over every detail.

Tracking & Mixing Music

From reel-to-reel 2-track and cassette 4-track to expensively designed recording studios, I have been tracking and mixing records in various forms since 1995. I typically track in various professional studios in the Philadelphia area and record overdubs and mix at my own place. This provides budget-minded clients with a great value without having to watch the clock. I have experience in every step of the record making process, from conception to getting an album into record stores. Understanding the complexities of this journey provides insight that can be utilized to best capture and shape your vision.

Spatial Audio for 360 Video & Virtual Reality

In the real world, we hear in three dimensions. In VR, you can't experience an alternate reality without a truly immersive experience. Designing spatial audio that matches 3D visuals allows your brain to accept an illusion that you're truly somewhere else. In the fast growing field of Virtual Reality, it's vital to stand out from your competition. Spatialized audio is the way to do it. I can help you from concept to sound design, preparation for audio middleware like Wwise and Unity, and proper encoding and embedding metadata into 360-videos for immediate upload to Facebook-360 and Youtube.

Voice Overs & ADR

Are you producing a podcast or narrating a documentary? Are you a voice over actor needing to make a professional reel? Whether it's one person or a small group I can accommodate you to produce professional voice overs. Perhaps you're a director that needs to fix a few lines that weren't recorded properly while on set. New lines can be recorded, syncd, and mixed to match the tone of your existing dialog.

Restoration & Noise Reduction

Couldn't turn off the HVAC while on set? Exterior shots with too much traffic noise, or perhaps you can hear the hum and rumble of a genearator in the background of your shot? Do you need to digitize analog media and want to take out some crackle and clicks? Noise reduction and audio restoration is a tricky task that can leave your material full of audible artifacts if done incorrectly. I use industry-standard software with a methodical approach to only reduce noise and not content.

Tutorials, Workshops, & Consulting

Do you teach a class in filmmaking and want your students to learn best practices for sound on a film set? Need a professional opinion while scoping out possible shooting locations? Perhaps you produce your own audio but need help getting better results? Whether it's in the classroom or out in the field I can offer guidance in a variety of formats to fit your needs and facilitate your work to the next level.