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Dialog Editing & Mixing, Sound Design, Foley, & SFX

All non-production sound in this demonstration was created utilizing unique recordings and customized sound effects.

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Working abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. photo by Meg Lamon

Frequently raiding the pantry for Foley supplies.

SFX & PFX Libraries

I've been building both diegetic and non-diegetic sound effects for years. In an ideal world, all post-sounds would be uniquely created to match what's on screen. However, library effects are incredibly useful for the budget-restrained and can serve as an excellent jumping off point or simply serve perfectly as-is when mixed properly.


"Ambient Textures Vol. I" is a diverse collection of richly layered atmosphere beds that can be used for game audio, sound design for film, theatrical work, or anything else you imagine, These tracks have tonal balance across the frequency spectrum and a sound field that is as deep as it is wide.

There is a considerable amount of headroom within each track to allow the user an opportunity for continued manipulation.

20 stereo stereo files
48kHz / 24 bit
868MB in size


"Cloth Vol. I" is an abridged collection of Foley I've created over the years to fill the need for character movement sounds. Yes, it's incredibly boring to listen to...but it is extremely useful to have when when you are reconstructing MOS shots or adding realism to a character in game audio.

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50 mono files
48kHz / 24 bit
500 MB in size

Scoring & Music Supervision

Original music compositions written for picture.

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Themes and random bits without a home. Check out a playlist of various mock-ups and works that are still in progress.

Hear something you like and think it could fit your project? All the material here can be altered and reworked to meet your needs. 

Scoring room with isolation booth (not shown)  Live scoring can be done here depending on size of arrangement.

Spatial Audio for Interactive Media

Interested in Virtual Reality? If so, you'll need to truly envelop the viewer for a truly immersive experience. Below is a set of examples of how audio can be used to represent both realistic and extraordinary spatial dimensions for your 360 videos and virtual reality content. ***PLEASE NOTE: currently this content can only be accurately monitored on the following devices and platforms: (list stuff).

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Trying not to get kicked in the face while 200ft up on the set of Lighthouse Unmanned.