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Production Sound

Whether it's an ENG-style shoot or you require a double-system multi-track recording, my equipment can be customized to meet your needs.

All gear is fully insured. I also maintain great working relationships with a variety of rental houses for when something a little extra is needed.

Specific items and rental rates available upon request. I own and maintain high-end professional equipment from the following manufactures:

Sound Devices

Crystal-clear mic preamps with tons of headroom, rock-solid timecode, and all the routing options to accommodate the day-to-day changes of production work. Amazing sound, highly flexible, and extremely reliable.



The benefits of using Zaxcom systems are seemingly never ending. Clean dialog, NeverClip (internal safety mechanism to prevent clipping), remote configuration (so you don't have to approach talent once mic'd), and even internal Tx recorders in the rare case that you get an RF hit.



Makers of dependable high-powered wireless Tx/Rx systems. Lectrosonics are probably the most used systems for transmitting and receiving wireless audio on a production set throughout the world.



Makers of great sounding lavalier microphones. Durable, easy to hide, and most importantly, they sound amazing for dialog.



Makers of dependable shotgun and super-cardioid microphones that stand up to extreme weather conditions and sound great for capturing the subtleties of the human voice.


Accessories & Customized Solutions

My production gear packages come along with every accessory needed to ensure proper and reliable function. Prior to your shooting date, we'll have the opportunity to discuss specific technical aspects and alleviate any concerns before we ever step on set.


Much like my equipment list for production work, my post-production equipment is always expanding and improving.

Below are some of the core elements for your post work:

- Mac computer w/ Pro Tools, Logic, Audition (and Premiere Pro) with a wide array of plugins.
- RAID 5 hard drives with separate backups to protect against the unforeseen.
- Antelope Orion 32+ 32-channel A/D converter.
- Dangerous Music "Source" headphone and speaker monitoring controller.
- Focal Trio 6be pair w/ Focal Sub 6 sub-woofer for a robust and incredibly detailed 2.1 mixing solution.
- Genelec M030 pair w/ 7040A sub-woofer that help with getting it right in smaller speaker systems.
- Moog Sub 37 for a never ending world of sound design.
- Microphones by AKG, Royer, Shure, Sennheiser, etc.
- Microphone preamps by Sytek, Focusrite, DIY Recording Equipment, etc.
- Hearback Technologies Hub for individual control of headphone mixes.
- Isolated booth for vocals, voice overs, amplified overdubs, etc.
- Lots of bells and whistles...