Delivery Specs for Post Production



  • Audio File Type: broadcast wave (.wav)

  • Bit Depth: 24 bits

  • Sample Rate: 48kHz

  • Handles: Minimum of 5 Seconds (120 frames @ 23.976, 150 frames @ 29.97, etc)

  • Audio must be delivered as an embedded AAF or OMF file, which contains all audio within a single file.. I prefer AAF as OMF does not retain the metadata from production sound.

  • Include a 2-pop at exactly 2 seconds and 0 frames

  • Timecode format of AAF/OMF must match that of the corresponding video

Please note: Embedded OMF 2.0 file types have a file size limit of 2GB. If your project is larger than this, please split the project by reels of no longer than 20 min and note the exact timecode of the start and stop for each reel. 


  • Quicktime Movie file with visual burnt-in timecode in the lower-thirds.

  • Video frame rate must match frame rate of the exported OMF / AAF sequence(s).

The following are my preferred file specifications:

  • File Types:

    • Avid DNxHD (preferred)

    • Apple Pro Res (Proxy) (acceptable)


  • HD 1920x1080 (Preferred)

  • HD 1280x720 (Minimum)

  • SD 720x480


Left / Right Stereo file for reference

Please note: Audio editing software does not play well with the H.264 codec. 

HERE’s a great article summing up the above information.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 9.18.05 AM.png

Premiere Pro AAF Export

Make sure all desired audio is enabled. Select the entire project. Go to: File>Export>AAF.


If you're confused on how to properly export your audio please check out this video. 


- Remember that your volume and pan automation will be deleted and redone at the audio post stage. If there is audio that you wish to not be in the picture it's best to temporarily unlink that audio with the video image and trim the clip within your sequence. Keyframe information doesn't always transfer over correctly and can create confusion. Also, if noise reduction is needed or the clip gain needs to be changed it can render the video editor’s automation useless.

- AAF/OMF Exports can't handle multichannel audio. If your sequence contains multichannel tracks then only the top track will be exported. You will first need to change your audio preferences to display all tracks as multiple mono tracks so that each track is separated prior to exporting.

- Remember to print a copy of any and all audio effects you'd like to send over as a reference. Original, unaffected audio must be included. 

- The more organized your tracks are the quicker your audio post can begin. For instance, the first set of tracks from top to bottom should be dialog, followed by any temp effects you're including, followed by music.